We build products for older adults and the longevity economy.


Transcendent Product Design

Transcendent Product Design

Things that help in old age shouldn’t make us feel old. Transcendent design (coined by the MIT Age Lab’s Joseph Coughlin) refers to products that help older adults while also being aspirational solutions across age groups - think garage door openers and microwaves.

Build WITH Older Adults

We fundamentally believe in building alongside our users from the beginning. This means obtaining user feedback early and often, involving users with proof-of-concept tests, prioritizing features with user feedback, and regularly assessing usability and usefulness throughout development.

Build WITH Older Adults

Jobs to Be Done

People want a quarter inch hole - not a quarter inch drill. Instead of using demographic or psychographic variables to classify our users, we segment based on the jobs people wish to complete and the unmet needs they experience using current solutions.

While working for startups, big tech companies, and consulting firms we regularly witnessed a failure to accommodate older adults’ needs in product development. New technology is often difficult to grasp even for digital natives and products that are specifically designed for older people often remind them of their limitations.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By placing older adults squarely in the center of our process and involving them in every step of product development, we create products and services that inspire joy and independence in our customers - not unlike the feeling of a day of school canceled by heavy snow. It’s this excitement, freedom, and endless possibility that inspires us at Snowday.


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