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Better insights for better products

We offer end-to-end research services specializing in product development for older adults and caregivers. We help companies find product-market fit, optimize products for launch, and identify the most compelling product positioning to attract users.

Real people. Real data.
Never wonder about data quality again. Our participants represent the full range of real-world attitudes / abilities and don't self-select into our pool based on high tech savviness (like other panels).
Research with Impact
We have deep experience developing products for older adults and we invest time with our clients upfront to craft meaningful projects that move the needle on product and business goals.
Rapid insights
Start your projects within days, not weeks. With our partner network of older adult organizations, we can recruit for your study faster than others can.

Methods aligned with your needs

Usability Testing

Are you looking to learn whether users can successfully use your product to complete key tasks?

We have fine-tuned usability testing and provide high quality user feedback faster than anyone else.

Concept Testing

Are you developing a new product and looking to understand what prospective users like and don't like about your product?

We can help you rapidly iterate on your concept designs within a period of days, not weeks.

Contextual Interviews

Is your organization looking to understand more about adults and their home environment?

We engage directly with older adults in the comfort of their own homes, conduct tours, and identify key contextual insights.


Are you interested in measuring the size of user segments or learning how attitudes and preferences generalize to a larger population?

Have our experts help you compose, field, and analyze surveys that yield data-driven insights.

For researchers, by reseachers

Snowday was founded by researchers when we realized that there was a large and growing need to provide fast, cost-effective, high quality research services focused on older adults. Up until now, conducting research with older adults in their homes meant spending thousands of dollars on recruitment and waiting weeks before insights could be gathered.

With the need to reach older adults expanding at a rapid rate, we knew that the status quo wasn't good enough. At Snowday, we utilize a unique model where we partner with older adult communities and organizations to streamline the recruitment process. The result is that we can get insights faster and at a better price point than other research services, enabling our clients to expedite their decision making and gain a competitive advantage in market intelligence.

Ready for actionable insights?

Contact us and get the older adult data your team needs to make your product, service, or analysis a success.

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